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Baby Kumud (Nick Name Naina)

Raised Funds:- 15 Lacks

Duration:- 15 Days

Age:- 3.5 Years

Disease:- Thalassemia Major (Inherited Blood Cancer)

It was a moment of utter depression for me when I came to know that my daughter Naina has been diagnosed with the Thalassemia Major and it’s a severe form of Blood cancer. That moment almost took my breath away, I had nothing but my daughter, she means everything to me. There was a session of consultation with haemato-Oncologist at Artemis hospital, Gurugram and they explained the severity of the condition. They further added that there’s a hope with Bone Marrow Transplantation and it’s the only available treatment till date with a success rate of almost 90%. We were in bliss to hear this but it came with a shattering information. The cost of treatment could be up to 15 lacks and we already had spent over 10 lacks on all the previous treatments like chemotherapy or blood transfusion. It destroyed us financially to a point that we had to sell out our family home just keep out daughter alive and yet she was dying each day.

It was then, one of our neighbours recommended to contact BeDonor to get a financial help, until then I wasn’t aware too much about the online crowdfunding platforms. I contacted BeDonor and upon researching about our case, they approved the fundraiser campaign and we started sharing the campaign with as many people as I could. I don’t know how exactly this happened but it was just a miracle to me, BeDonor helped us raising more then 10 lacks in 15 days and it was just a little more time until we were able to raise enough to get the Bone More Transplantation treatment for my daughter. I was almost in tears; it meant the world to me. I want to thank everyone who donated and everyone who supported us. BeDonor helped me getting a life for my daughter and there’s nothing more I could ever ask for.