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Master Akshit (Nick name Akshu)

Raised Funds:- 4 Lacks

Duration:- 20 Days

Age:- 1.5 Years

Disease:- Spine Bifida or Myelomeningocele

Akshit my only son is everything I’m living for; he was born 12 years after I got married and that too after Caesarean surgery. It was disturbing to be in that phase and it was shattering when we discovered our son got this serious spinal related disorder called “Spine Bifida or also called Myelomeningocele which is inborn birth disorder and caused due to the failure or incomplete spinal cord development while in the womb. It was even more bothering that only way to cure this was a surgical treatment to close the spine. We already had spent over a lakh rupee for the caesarean and this surgery was going to cost a lot more than that. Me being the only source of earning to support a family of 7 members and that too with the minimal wages I get for being a labourer. I had no hopes left and all the doors were closed to get a life for my son. I was asked to arrange about 4 lacks for the whole surgery and I had no clue how it was going to happen. I felt like it wasn’t my son, instead it was me who was dying.

It was probably a moment of grace that I found about the BeDonor and found a hope for my son. I spoke to the experts from BeDonor and they helped me getting a fundraiser started for my son’s treatment. Upon studying all the medical documentations, they approved the fundraiser and my campaign was live in 24 hours. Although, it took a little time but I was adamant on making this possible, I shared the fundraiser with as many people I was able to and asked everyone to share. It was just until 20 days we managed to raise more than 4 lacks. I don’t know how to react to this, neither do I know whom to say thanks. Everything that happened was no less than a God’s wish to save my son. I thank BeDonor and everyone in their team, everyone who donated for my son. This has made me restore my faith in humanity, there’s a lot of people out there who just want to help without expecting anything in return. I am just out of words to express how happy and blessed I’m feeling.