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Sanjeev Kumar

Raised Funds:- 8 Lacks

Duration:- 18 Days

Age:- 24 Years

Disease:- Retinitis Pigmentosa

The only son to his parents with 3 sisters; all of them taken care of, by the father who works for a private firm as a clerk is merely able to earn a living for the family. In the words of Sanjeev; he says, I was diagnosed with the almost incurable condition of Retinitis Pigmentosa at the mere age of 14, ten yeas since then have been no less than period of shattering hopes and struggle for giving myself a life without being dependant on someone else to help me with everything that I want to do. Not being able to read and write because of blurred vision, I had to gave up on my education and never had enough qualification to get a job and support the family.

I can only think that day as an epitome of hope when a family friend of ours suggested the treatment of this incurable condition with Stem Cell Therapy. We contacted a Stem Cell Treatment Centre in New Delhi and were advised to get consultation with the eye specialist at Mayom Hospital, Haryana. After having a detailed study, the doctors recommended me to go for Stem Cell Transplantation and I still had some hope to get hold of my remaining vision and even to recover some percent of vision from that I’ve lost. It was then, we realised that it’s not that easy for us to go through this, stem cell transplantations could be expensive and, in my case, the whole treatment was going to cost approximately 8 lacks, we were hopeless again. With the limited resources we had, it was impossible for us to even closely afford this treatment. BeDonor came as a boon to me, it was a friendly recommendation. I wasn’t even closely aware of the crowdfunding process so we spoke to the experts from BeDonor, they studied the case and approved the fundraiser. From the day 1, the fundraised on BeDonor acquired a lot of positive response an in the mere time of 18 days, it was over 8 lacks. It was miraculous, I couldn’t believe it was really happening. In the initial days I shared the fundraisers with family and friends and in no time, I got such an overwhelming response. I cannot be more thankful to anyone but BeDonor, it was the time they helped me when I had lost all my hopes of living a life that I always dreamt of. Thank you BeDonor!